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Your Contribution: Fueling Change for Franchisees

By supporting us with your fee, you play a crucial role in enabling AAF to advocate for franchisees effectively. Your contribution directly supports our efforts to champion franchisee rights and influence legislative changes. This is particularly important during the upcoming Code of Conduct Review, where we have a prime opportunity to drive meaningful change. Your fee empowers us to stand up for franchisees and create a fairer franchising environment.

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Joining the Australian Association of Franchisees (AAF) as an annual member is a commitment to the protection and growth of your franchise business.

For just $99 per year, you gain access to a wealth of resources, advocacy, and support aimed at safeguarding your interests and helping your franchise thrive.

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Annual Membership



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Helping Franchisees protect + build their franchise business

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Membership Benefits:


AAF leverages its influence on behalf of franchisees, particularly in contractual and commercial matters.

Guidance and Mediation

When conflicts arise, AAF is your partner, offering expert guidance and advocacy to achieve favourable outcomes.

Exclusive Discounts

As our organisation grows, we continually seek partnerships with franchising law firms and associated businesses. AAF members can look forward to receiving special discounts and benefits from these partners, enhancing the value of your membership.


AAF actively represents your rights and interests in the complex world of franchising.


Gain access to a wealth of educational materials on crucial subjects related to franchising, equipping you with the information you need to make informed decisions. 

Legislative Updates

Stay informed about crucial legislative changes affecting the franchising industry.

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Member Today

Your annual membership fee of $99 demonstrates your commitment to securing the future of your franchise business. Join AAF today and invest in the protection and growth of your franchise venture.

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