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The Australian Association of Franchisees (AAF) is an inclusive organisation, welcoming both brand-based groups and individual franchisees. Our members join us for various reasons, each driven by the shared understanding that franchising currently operates on an uneven playing field, and reforms are long overdue.


Some members come to us when facing immediate issues with their franchisors or agreements, including:

  • Unilateral and detrimental changes to the franchisor's business model.

  • Alterations to franchise agreements needed for renewal.

  • Unfavourable unilateral adjustments to the operations manual.

  • Misuse of marketing funds.

  • Price gouging on monopoly inputs.

Others join AAF not due to an imminent crisis but because they recognise the inherent imbalances in the world of franchising. They understand that their current lack of protection leaves them vulnerable. They also realise that a single change in senior management or ownership could jeopardise everything they've worked tirelessly to build.

The path to a fairer, more secure franchising environment is long and requires sustained effort. AAF plays a pivotal role in this journey, but it relies on the support of franchisees like you. Your involvement and financial support enable us to continue our crucial work, advocating for reform and striving for a more equitable future in franchising. Join us in shaping the future of franchising.


 Empowering Franchisees: Why Support AAF

The world of franchising urgently needs to become a fair and secure avenue for franchisees. Presently, the existing franchising code falls significantly short in safeguarding franchisees’ interests. Under this code, franchisees have not acquired a business; they've merely secured a licence to operate, typically for a predetermined period. Troublingly, franchisors possess the legal authority to reclaim a franchisee's business at term's end without citing cause or offering compensation. This leaves franchisees bereft of any legal recourse to continue their venture or lay claim to the hard-earned goodwill they've cultivated.

Franchisees lack numerous rights, including:

  • The absence of rights to the goodwill they've diligently cultivated.

  • A lack of influence over marketing fund allocation.

  • The inability to sway decisions on procurement costs, sourcing, or services.

  • A dearth of entitlement to an exclusive territory.

  • An inability to assert control over leased premises, for which they bear responsibility.

  • No input into pricing strategies, including the use of discounts.

  • No participation in the selection of franchisor buyers.

  • A lack of control in the event of franchisor insolvency.

These sobering realities underscore why franchisees should not only join but also actively support AAF. The security and future value of their businesses hinge on a more equitable and balanced system. While some franchisees may currently enjoy relationships with non-exploitative franchisors, it is imperative to remember that all franchisees stand just one managerial or ownership change away from potential personal and financial calamity. AAF is here to dismantle the pervasive power imbalances that rob franchisees of their peace of mind and ensure they can rest easy, knowing their interests are diligently safeguarded.

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Membership Options

As a franchisee who is currently successful you should join AAF to put in place the law that ensures it stays that way. As a franchisee who gets little or no advice or support from your franchisor, you should join to help us develop the support and services you need. As a franchisee in trouble, we are there right now to support you. If you enjoy a positive relationship with your franchisor as a franchisee, joining AAF reinforces the legal safeguards that underpin your success.

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How to Get in Touch

For inquiries and discussions about potential partnerships, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to explore how your offerings can benefit our members and contribute to the success of the franchising community. Your journey toward a mutually beneficial partnership begins here.

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