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Why join and support AAF?

There is a lot of work to be done to make franchising a fair and safe business opportunity for franchisees. The current franchising code provides virtually no protection for franchisees. Under the code, franchisees have paid for, but not bought a business. All they have is a licence to operate, nearly always for a fixed period. The franchisor can legally repossess the franchisee’s business at the end of term without providing any cause or compensation. The franchisee has no legal right to continue, nor to the goodwill value of the business they have built.

Rights franchisees do not have include:

  No right to the goodwill they have developed

  No say in how marketing funds are spent

  No say in the cost or sources of materials, equipment or services

   No right to an exclusive territory

  No control over the lease they pay for, and are responsible for

  No say in pricing especially the use of discounts

  No say in who the franchisors can sell out to

  No control if the franchisor becomes insolvent

Why franchisees should join and support AAF?

  • Some franchisees have a franchisor who does not exploit them. All franchisees have a franchisor who could.

  • Every franchisee is one managerial or ownership change away from a personal and financial disaster.

  • AAF is there to eliminate the massive power imbalance that stops franchisees sleeping soundly at night.

As a franchisee who is currently successful you should join AAF to put in place the law that ensures it stays that way. As a franchisee who gets little or no advice or support from your franchisor, you should join to help us develop the supports and services you need. As a franchisee in trouble, we are there right now to support you.

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Become a member

Your membership and personal details will remain confidential and will NOT be shared with Franchisors without your permission.

Click on the Memberships button to select the best option for you and your business.

Partner with Us

We regularly advertise opportunities for companies to become preferred suppliers of the Australian Association of Franchisees. 

If you think our members could benefit from your products or services, and you have the facility to supply our large network of franchisees nationally, please contact us. 

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