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Our Objectives

Why does AAF exist?

Franchisees provide the investment that funds ten percent of the Australian economy. Until the development of AAF, they have not had a peak body to provide a voice for their needs or concerns. AAF was born out of the recognition that franchisors through their very influential lobby, were dictating the regulatory policy discussion. The end result has been and still is a massive imbalance of power. Franchisees provide all the money and take all the risks, but, until now, have had no say.

Your Success, Our Purpose

As you embark on your franchise journey, know that your success is our purpose. We're not just an association; we're a dynamic force working to ensure that your role as a franchisee is not only protected but also rewarding. Every step you take, every milestone you achieve, and every challenge you conquer fuels our determination to excel on your behalf.

Grow Your Vision

Australian Association of Franchisee helps you scale and optimise your franchise and brand system. Fill out the form below to see for yourself!

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